About Project

The economic, social, cultural and environmental changes come out with the globalization process have had huge impacts on habits and needs which in turn led the global scale touristic activities to be a part of an industry-like sector. Tourism, being one of the sectors that stimulates development, has gained the qualification to improve the turnovers, generate income, provide employment and affect social development through dynamic social and cultural life it offers. These qualifications have also drawn the attention to regional areas with respect to touristic activities. Due to the positive contributions of tourism sector to the balance of payments of the developing countries, efforts for developing tourism strategies have been intensified with the help of the regulatory governments of these countries. However, these efforts could not yield the anticipated results as the regulatory policies were executed with a centralist approach. Today, a regional promotion is perceived to be as important as country promotions. That’s why the project “as we travel, as we see” is prepared with an approach focusing on the development of “Black Sea Product” and various sub-topics regarding the issue.         

The fundamental approach of the Project “as we travel, as we see” concentrates on certain points: giving prominence to touristic products aimed at target groups, maintaining loyalty to the different and specific local values and still emphasizing those with a contemporary understanding, bringing total quality forward, promoting our cultural, historical and natural heritage, underlying our products superiority, developing  a point of view based on diversifying tourism, utilizing a content-and-visual-rich method and in the meantime making utmost benefits of special and peculiar technologies. Furthermore, the Project provides the setting for its participants to come together around a permanent and common goal based on an interdisciplinary work and also ease cooperation and emphasize the collective consciousness that helps use of different intellectual experiences and commercial, cultural and artistic actors of Black Sea, as well. The Project "as we travel, as we see"  aimed at promoting Black Sea architectural, historical, artistic and cultural values, reinterpreting the physical and artistic structure and refreshing the region’s memory, leading an increase in regional touristic activities and turning the achievements into a permanent success.